Victoria Beckham for Vogue May 2010

Victoria Beckham is the cover of Vogue Germany’s May 2010 issue. Victoria is recognise by her trademark pose on the cover. Victoria is known for her passion in fashion. On her interview she stated that her true passion belongs the fashion. She fulfilled a life long dream by staring her own label. It’s her baby. Although she’s now in her fourth seasons, she always feel nervous before and during the show. As a Spice Girl she could hide behind the other 4 girls, during her presentations she’s totally responsible. Victoria is also a perfectionist, she do not compromise. she only use the best materials. Each piece is a favorite part of her own wardrobe, and if she wears something it must look good from every angle, not just from the front. Victoria on her past fashion sins considers her past as a fashionable part of the path that led to where she is today. She quoted “‘Elegance is the privilege of old age’”.