Your Image…why?



This comes up all the time. Why do I need to care about my image? Does it truly make a difference or is it another way to conform to society’s rules and regulations of fitting in?

What does Image have to do with anything?
I have asked myself this question many times until an experience answered this question.

To see a situation unfold right in front of your eyes can change your opinion of something forever; and this is what happened. Entering into a hotel lobby, with so many people running around, trying to get their luggage and room keys, etc.. making sure they get all is needed for a great stay. But something happens when a guest walks through the golden doors, dressed confidently, their out fit does not have a lick of wrinkles, their shoes sparkle each step they take, their posture is straight and strong, they carry a strut of bold confidence, head held high and graceful and their smile is so welcoming. All hotel staff stops to attend to this person and are blown away by their charm and charisma, and humility.
This guest is wearing a tailored beige and white suit, double breasted-waist fitting jacket with a pair of white mesh gloves. Pointed- toe, 6" white pumps that tapped a river rhythm. Wearing a Wide-brim white hat with a golden-beige ribbon , and the jumps of long -single coils bounce underneath, lined lips in striking dark fuchsia lipstick. What has happened in this particular- entrance moment? what has this person done in less than 30 seconds? She has presented an image that is attracting. Its not only the outside we are gravitating to but its really her inside.. the presence of her inner-higher self is attracting, its giving others a magnetic pull, and the intent of curiosity and admiration begins; formulating the question " Who is she?" " Have I seen her before?" " She seems recognizable"… all these questions and statements begin to come through, and it makes us want to know more!
How and why did this happen? Her presentation to the world- Her Image.
The reaction of the hotel staff is to make sure this person is well taken care of and has a great stay- because that creates repeat business, so that she will come again. For guests who are staying there, especially business execs or corporate owners, its a chance to network and expand with this person, why? Opportunity, based on her presentation- without even verbally speaking. Remember, this all has taken place, in the main lobby in just under a minute.
Image is a tool of attracting business opportunities. Its an essential part of expanding oneself for it pushes you to strengthen your self esteem, your confidence, to enhance your knowledge, and to take calculated risks. It makes you independent and dependent in a balancing way.
Styling your image right is a major key to achieving your success. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself " How do others see me when I walk through the golden doors of the hotel?"

What am I presenting through my image? and is it the right image?…

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