About the ‘Trainers’ by Jimmy Choo

OKAY! I purposely have not said anything regarding the new TRAINERS by Jimmy Choo. I love Jimmy Choo with all my heart and money! Until now, Why? You ask.. here’s why. I don’t fancy them, and the price is ridiculously over priced! I mean come on, Sneakers + Jimmy Choo? Its a NO in my book. They are big/bulky, the design and structure are not feminine and the colour choices are whack! I think with a bit more planning and more creativity, I think they would have come up with a better design. “ you should have called me for some advice” I mean when you think of Jimmy Choo you don’t think about playing Basket Ball!

Ladies, of course, its still your choice. I have attached some photos of the line. Click the link to make a purchase Trainers

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