HATS and HATS and More HATS!!!

So Spring is in, its raining cats and cats today in NY, but the greens and yellows are pushing through the grounds. So what a wonderful time to add to our lovely Spring dresses is HATS! Yes, they are IN. Tokyo has rang in the season with hat abundance. Lets get some ideas:

2010-03-19-Harajuku-Hats-033-P6459-600x903 2010-03-20-Harajuku-Hats-031-P6581-600x903

2010-03-21-Harajuku-Hats-034-00005-600x903 2010-03-23-Harajuku-Hats-002-P6689-600x903

2010-03-23-Harajuku-Hats-010-P6715-600x903  2010-03-23-Harajuku-Hats-012-P6720-600x903

2010-03-23-Harajuku-Hats-030-P6814-600x903 2010-03-23-Harajuku-Hats-026-P6797-600x903


Thanks to Tokyo Fashion for the photos!