Plus Size Models: A Push for a Healthy Living and a Lifestyle

is a tremendous change when it comes to choosing of models now. Most fashion designers and fashion line companies’ preferences are plus- size models. They prefer models with curves
since our fashion industry is priortizing health management.

Known fashion designer Mark Fast used size 12 and 14 models in his runway show in September. The popular Mark and Sepencer reportedly will use plus size women in its intimate apparel campaign. The world class Asos uses a plus size model in fashion ads. Boden is planning to use a bigger model.

The said sudden change is the push for healthy living and healthy lifestyle. The fashion industry is embracing women of an average size who are not overweight. The paper quotes fashion commentator Caryn Franklin, who says, “There is now a real ripple of interest around models that are different from the standard catwalk model, who are too thin.” And most of us are quite excited on this since this will be giving us a better outlook in life.