The Look of the EVENING PT.3 MEN

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The Look of the Evening PT.3

So this piece will focus on the MEN. Yes of course! They need styling too. So this past week Fashion has done justice for the menswear of 2010. Milan took it home. OMG! from Versace to Etro and all in between, the collections were so beautifully cut, structured, the simplicity and colours, awww, were DONE RIGHT!!! Men, you will have many, many, things to wear this fall into winter 2010. I have to tell you, I want a few pieces myself. The coats, and jackets exaggerated big collars with furs and skins.. the lushness of big made the models look sweet and husky and soooo masculine. Ok, I got dreamy eyes..but do dream for yourself and see the pics!! You must get a nice piece for your Significant Other this VALENTINE!!! Hello PPL. Ok..only love, so lets have some fun.
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Burberry Prorsum Dolce & Gabbana

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