Top 10 Fashion Magazines for 2010

Number 1 on the list is the Allure magazine known to be a fashion guru for all fashion tips. Followed by Cosmpolitan which is the best selling magazine known for giving trendy fashion advices to young career oriented women. Third, is Elle Magazine known to have a very good reputation when comes to reporting because it only concentrates to celebrities’ news and not gossips. Fourth, is Esquire magazine which gives fashion advice to men about fashion and style. Fifth, is Glamour which gives updated fashion and beauty advices and good in giving advice to young relationships. Sixth, is the known Instyle magazine which grabs popularity by showcasing the latest Hollywood fashion styles and updates. Marie Clarie, of course, is on the seventh place because it gives very intellectual and smart advices to every women. Eight is Teen Vogue which gives a fresh updates about teen’s fashion and lifestyle. Nineth, is the well-known W Magazines which is a very elegant and gives opulent fashion news to every deserving women. And lastly but not the least the Cosmo Girl which is a smart and honest magazine which gives good advice both fashion and emotional concerns.