The Look of the EVENING PT.2

Its Saturday, and much to do and accomplish during the daytime, so when sunset arrives ‘its time to have some fun’, GAGA, sang it best! so here’s a treat, 2 pics to help in creating your look. This isn’t about designer labels, it’s about taking an idea or example and making it your own. If you need assistance, please click the pics.

1st is Victoria, wearing a beautiful fur, real or fake, gives the same effect. black mini, and black suede boots, with her own over-sized shades, and to pop it an embossed silver croc or snake skin handbag.

2. Alicia is rocking a modern-blues and sexy micro-mini dress, flowing flower print with lace, and high collar. The hat, black top with white, oversized and fabulous. Its an exaggerated piece that makes the look stand out beautifully. You can wear some high stilettos that will elongate your sexy legs! – remember to shave!