Your Holiday Outfit

What to wear for your holiday this Christmas and New Year is always a challenge for everyone. Here’s what we, at VI, suggest.

  1. Look in your closet. It sounds simple, but trust me its hard for many clients to take the time to just look. Be patient and take out all your favourite outfits and pieces and lay them one by one on the floor.
  2. From there, think about the theme of your party/event and pick the pieces that you draw to.
  3. From those pieces, see what it is you are missing and write it down on paper(* you will carry this when you go shopping*)
  4. So once you’ve written out your favourite pieces and have written down what’s missing to complete your outfit, such as shoes, stockings, underwear, lipstick colour, hair accessory, etc. etc. Then now its time to SHOP!
  5. Look online first, then go to the specific stores
  6. After completing your shopping mission, set aside a few hours and put your look together.
  7. On day of party or event, you can relax and enjoy dressing up!

    written by Najaam Lee for the Vedic Image Group:

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  1. Nice job, but sometimes Your own closet is a shop itself….You never know what You find, but it is still a good idea to write a note what to search for 😀


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