Relaxed and Serenity

Year 2010 will be a busy year for us. Strict deadlines in office, rigorous assignments and wise money spending are the challenges awaiting for us this incoming year 2010 and because of those we at Vedic Image Group had come up with the soft fashion style of silver and blue with the touch of serenity and relaxed art of fashion . We prefer the combination of blue and silver since these are colours gives us a comfortable feeling of serenity and being relaxed . Our fashion icons are Rihanna, a Barbadian model and artist 1. Lady Gaga an American artist , composer and singer. Alicia Keys,an American soul singer, celebrity and famous pianist. These three fashion icons are considered to be the major stars right now in Hollywood as well as countries outside the U.S.A. Our main goal for this year is to provide the best fashion styling and image development for all people no matter where you’re from and no matter who you are. All we want to give to you is your serene and relaxed lifestyle despite of the present stiff demands of the times.