2010 -2011 BLUE SILVER


We are truly ascending into a new world of fashion, beginning 2010. It’s like a countdown to a whole new fusion of wearable designer fabric technology, in which I call “Blue Silver “.
In this VI Forecast, up and coming new designers are too, feeling a new energy stirring, allowing them to be freer and open- minded to creating this new type of collection. They are light in weight of fabric and the hardware is light carrying a clean chromatic shine that looks so unreal and feel like you are wearing your own skin. The colours are luminescent adding a glow to anyone in these pieces. A freshness that’s crisp and appealing. It’s fashion at a new level.

I think Tokio Hotel, the band from Germany, new album cover art and title” HUMANOID” describes Blue Silver well, that a new wave of dressing is upon us and a new way of thinking. Lady Gaga and Rhianna have been pushing fashion boundaries, especially this past year, hinting towards what is to come. Designers, such as Alexander McQueen, 2010 SS ATLANTIS, spoke in volumes for a new direction.
So here it is, long- extended braid, surpassing the shoulders, elongated eyes, shoes with tall heels, fabric like skin against the skin, dreamy, luminescent colours, real and yet unreal designs pushing realism in a speed of light. So flash forward into 2011, and witness wearable fabrics that dance with illuminating waves of colours that are transparent. Affordable? Yes, indeed.

Written by: Najaam Lee, stylist for the Vedic Image Group™